Please note: We are not providing repair services at this time.

Expert Repair Service

Sony TC-D8 DAT recorder

Liberman Sound repairs, calibrates, tests, and modifies audio equipment for professional users. Our state-of-the-art shop features the ultra-precise Audio Precision System Two Cascade test set and full surface-mount capability. And our work is backed by a generous four month warranty.

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Factory Authorized

Aaton Cantar digital multitrack production sound recorder

We offer factory authorized service for Sonosax, Aaton Cantar, Fostex, and Marantz Professional. Our years of experience along with training at the Sonosax factory in Switzerland make us the first choice for Sonosax service. And we are experts servicing the Aaton Cantar, with factory training in France.

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Sonosax Sales

Sonosax MiniR82 digital multitrack recorder

The full range of Sonosax products is available from Liberman Sound, including the new SX-ST mixing board and the extremely compact MiniR82 multitrack digital recorder.

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Sony MDR-V6 and MDR-7506 headphone earpad

Visit our online store for various hard-to-find and unique accessories, including Sony headphone earpads and Moviola, KEM, and Showchron flatbed parts.

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Audio Precision Testing

Audio Precision screen showing FFT analysis of a signal

We have years of experience with product design testing and with writing customized automated tests for the Audio Precision. Contact us for a quote.