Liberman Sound is committed to protecting your privacy. This policy describes the ways that personally identifiable and anonymous information about you is collected, used, and protected.

All Areas of our Website except Repair Orders:

What we collect

No personally identifiable information is collected or stored. All data is anonymous. We use cookies to: 1) store what site referred you to us, 2) remember what language you prefer to read our site content in (currently only English is available), and 3) collect statistics on the effectiveness of our paid and unpaid advertising on Google.

How it is used

We keep track of how users find and use our site, so that we can most effectively publicize our business. We keep track of your preferred language so that you do not have to reselect your language each time you return. Currently this feature is not active.

How it is protected

Cookies are stored on your computer and can only be accessed by our site. They contain no information that identifies who you are. The language cookie contains a two character language code, and the cookies for referrers and statistics contains numbers that are only meaningful to us.

Repair Order Area:

What we collect

In addition to the above, we collect and store personal information that you voluntarily give us when you request repair service. In addition, we keep track of what site referred you to us.

How it is used

We use referral information to determine the effectiveness of our advertising.

How it is protected

All pages that collect or display personal information are secured by a 256 bit SSL connection (128 bit on certain older browsers) to encrypt data transmission. In addition, our database is securely protected, and sensitive information is encrypted. All personal information is kept strictly confidential and is used solely for the purpose of contacting you and registering you for classes. Liberman Sound will not share, sell, or rent the personal information that you give us with any third party.


We invite you to contact us if you have any questions about this policy.

Liberman Sound
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Updated March 31, 2011