Liberman Sound keeps Sonosax mixers running reliably on many popular movies and tv shows. With 20 years of experience servicing Sonosax, we know them inside and out and are experts at servicing, testing, and restoring them to top condition.

Sonosax SX-S connected to the Audio Precision for automated testing
Automated Sonosax testing

Customized automated testing procedures allows our Audio Precision System Two Cascade to characterize the performance of every input, output, and control on the mixer, and to print out a detailed report. Specialized surface mount and low-temperature soldering equipment and techniques help us to repair the tightly packed circuit boards with ease. In addition, we offer a number of modifications to improve performance.

In addition to the SX-S and SX-ST mixers, we also service the new MiniR82 digital recorder and all other Sonosax products.

Replacing surface mount components on a Sonosax SX-M2 mic preamp
Delicate surface mount repair

Liberman Sound was the first repair facility in the world to become an Authorized Service Station, and we keep a large supply of spair parts on-hand. In the summer of 2006 we went to Switzerland for specialized training on all the new Sonosax products.