Liberman Sound has been servicing flatbeds for over 20 years, and we keep numerous film-makers, universities, colleges, and film schools around the US who are still editing on film up and running. In addition to on-site repairs in the Portland Oregon area, circuit cards and modules from the machines can be sent to us for repairs. Travel repairs are also available—inquire for details.

Moviola M-77, M-86, M-35

The various versions of the Moviola M-77 and M-86 can still be found in many schools and editing suites. Due to our extensive familiarity with the electronics and mechanics in these machines, we are able to solve any problems that arise. Our custom-made specialized test equipment helps us to test and service the various sub-systems.

KEM Rapid, Universal, K-800

A KEM Rapid with the top tilted back and the panel lowered for servicing
A KEM Rapid open for servicing

KEMs were the elite of flatbeds, and are still present in many universities and archives. We have years of experience servicing KEM flatbeds, as well as specialized test equipment.


The economical Showchron has been used to cut many films. As the only Authorized Service Center for Showchron, we have the expertise to make the needed repairs, subject to parts availability.