Liberman Sound is no longer repairing DAT recorders.

It is very labor intensive to repair and restore these machines, and with high quality digital memory recorders now available for reasonable prices, it is no longer financially practical for our customers or ourselves. The material on this page below is maintained for historical purposes. Liberman Sound continues to do expert repair on Sonosax, Cantar, Fostex, Schoeps, and other film and video production sound equipment, as well as film editing flatbeds.

Sony TCD-D7, TCD-D8

The Sony TCD-D7 and TCD-D8 are excellent small portable DAT recorders, and were widely used by film-makers, radio reporters, musicians, and nature sound recordists. We are specialists in repairing and restoring them. For most transport issues, a full dis-assembly and overhaul will be required.

Overhaul $275

What we do: Replace the problematic position cam and loading cam with the latest versions that have improved electrical contacts. Replace any chipped or worn platic gears. Clean and lubricate the mechanism. Clean the head drum and tape path. Replace worn jacks. Check alignment and adjust as needed. An overhaul will correct the dreaded ERROR 10 and ERROR 11 problems, and repeated tries at loading tape.

Modifications available: Reduce microphone preamp gain, for more headroom and lower noise.

Note: We do not accept units bought on eBay in non-working condition. This is because there is no reliable way to know if the head drum is good until you've invested in overhauling the unit. To both overhaul the unit and replace the head drum would be an unwise expenditure for most people, in light of the dropping prices of good flash memory recorders.

Fostex PD-4

As a Fostex autorized service center, we'll keep your PD-4 running as long as parts are available.

Panasonic SV-3700, SV-3800

An HHB Portadat with the top panel removed for servicing
HHB Portadat being serviced

The Panasonic SV-3800 is the best choice for a good studio DAT deck. It is relatively easy to service and has good sound quality. We have lots of experience servicing and overhauling the SV-3800 and SV-3700, and have a good supply of parts.

HHB PDR-1000 Portadat

The HHB PDR-1000 Portadat was a popular choice for film and radio work. We can keep your Portadat running, subject to parts availability issues from HHB.

Other models

For certain other models, such as those from Sony and Fostex, please inquire. We no longer work on any Tascam DATs or any other portable DATs due to poor parts availability and/or manufacturer support.