Visit Liberman Sound at one of our worldwide locations:

Corporate Headquarters, Oakland California USA, overlooking beautiful Lake Merritt. Note that we "took care of" the ducks so that the pristine reflection of our building would be undisturbed.

Moscow, Russia. The Duma eventually found another place to meet. When I first saw it, I knew we just had to have that building.

Houston, TX
Our "Drop Tester." Every stereo that you give to us passes this stringent quality control test before being returned to you, our valued customer.

Havana, Cuba. Even Fidel brings us his broken stereos. And Elian's picture is up in our lobby. Only just last week, Elian's first grade class took a tour of our facilities. And Juan Miguel's great aunt once removed brought us a broken radio.

Billund, Denmark. We asked for something "Legoesque" and they built us this see-through building. Unfortunately, it gets rather cold and the little screws that we drop fall through all the holes.

Mexico City, Mexico. The pollution is getting real bad here. Fortunately, we bought an old nuclear power generating facility and it came already equipped with all those funny silver suits and breathing apparatus. We'll be repairing stereos here well into the twenty-first century.

Lunar branch.

Pisa, Italy. There was a decrepit old building on this site but we straightened it up and modernized the facade.

New York City. That's us in the big apple at our new Liberrock Center.

Barrow, Alaska. We closed our Siberia branch late last year and transferred all the remaining employees to our small but bustling new Alaska facility. Stereos and parts are airlifted in yearly. That's me on top, trying to open up the skylight.